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The Night Café (French: Le Café de nuit) is an oil painting created by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh in September 1888 in Arles. Its title is inscribed lower right beneath the signature. The painting is owned by Yale University and is currently held at the Yale


Dystopian Meta System based on Symbiogenesis where the human being is a horizontal creation of all animal kingdoms where they materialize in their psyche.

Sensory performance project, with stimulating sounds, projections and 3D animations.

This project is a dystopia based on Symbiogenesis, starting from the principle of its endosymbiotic theory, at the origin of the eukaryotic cell, of progressive evolution, leading to the complexification of coding systems, initially as a result of fusion of prokaryotic cell genomes. It is a concept created by Boris Kozo-Polyansky (1890-1957) and Lynn Margulis (1938-2011).

In the dystopian metasystem of this project, there is a progressive evolution among all metazoans, whose evolutionary scale considers the relationship to horizontal gene transfer and other coding events resulting from the interaction of different genomes leading to the complexification of biosystems. However, the great creation of all kingdoms is the human being, which in this case is not part of the Animale, it is a separate being, which emerged mainly from the aggregation of less complex symbiotes. The human being also becomes the means of these beings who try to understand the domains of the human mind, inquiring if intelligence, reason and conscience are in fact the figuration of a vast blindness, each being elected from each kingdom, when questioning the human being , becomes a figuration of the human psyche that emerges from the unconscious trying to save this creation (the human being) that does not understand the maintenance of the network of life nor its own intelligence, which in this case distances it from the truth and will reach an apoptosis, for being the medium that houses all the kingdom, will sequence the death in scale of all of them.

The project is made up of the realms; Kingdom Archaea (Archaebacteria), Kingdom Bacteria (Eubacteria), Kingdom Protista, Kingdom Fungi, Kingdom Plantae and Kingdom Animalia.

Technical Data Sheet - Fungi

Hifa Cybe (General Direction, Artistic Concept, Art Direction, Production, Script and Performance)

Alexia Pires (Art Direction and Set Assistant), Toshi San (Rigger/Shibari), Guilherme Todorov (3D Artist), Vj Spetto (Videomapping Director), Juliana Lelis (Videomapping Assistant 1), Monica Rosa (Videomapping Assistant 2), Rafael Avancini (Photography Direction), Kurt Rocha (Photography Assistant) , Giovanna Quarterone (Motion Designer), Elisa Monteiro (Main Soundtrack - Mudo Mundo), Celio Barros (Sound Design - Present Moment)