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The Night Café (French: Le Café de nuit) is an oil painting created by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh in September 1888 in Arles. Its title is inscribed lower right beneath the signature. The painting is owned by Yale University and is currently held at the Yale


Project in progress. Paintings being carried out with the use of psilocybin, among others. In this case, psilocobin is a psychedelic substance from a variety of mushroom species, known as magic mushrooms. This experimental project is part of the attempt to study the various sensory effects of the substance, but mainly the visual ones, to propose methods of reproducing the therapeutic effect of the substance. In this process, he writes notes, things that I am feeling and seeing at the exact moment, reflections and visual perceptions as I paint, also considering painting the visual process resulting from substance.

Diary First Painting (In process)

Yeti. 2 Day. Notes: I see fractals molding into the skin of my left thigh, they move with the guitar chords I hear. My skin adopts another texture that is kind of plastic and a little transparent, so it dances to the music. The sofa print also dances, the drawings move towards me. I get up and notice that everything around me is in motion, except for the painting that seems to be an intact experience, concentrated and immune to any substance, maybe it's the result of it. Glad to see the color yellow. She caresses me, like the sun. On the screen, a light from a country house comes on, perhaps a lamp. In the already painted red, I sometimes see Chinese dragons and sometimes a couple kissing. I see hugs all over the screen but at the bottom, there's something heavy, there are desperate people screaming, I put a little yellow because that color made me happy, maybe it makes them too. I stick to blue a lot, and when I put it on the palette, it reminds me of the sea, it has water movement, and it looks prettier and more meaningful than when I put it on canvas. Blue hides secrets in an affectionate and violent way, just like the river. Every detail is a small world. Everything is immensity.

Psilocybin diary Today was the day to fill in white spaces, I took many shades of blue and went with a phrase that Alexia Pires told me, that the ideal was to use dark colors first and then lighten. Curiously, she was sitting at the door of the atelier playing with Frida. When I made my first attempt at making the universe, I was afraid to use black, and in that fear, I almost ruined the entire canvas. The story of using the “dark color” took on another meaning, the manipulation of trauma and pain, shedding light and creating beautiful things. This dark can be just pitch black, but it can also be a solid base for beautiful, lively nuances and movements. I thought about how it all starts in pain and how we feel it through life. Sometimes it's rough and it can be just pitch but sometimes we have the privilege of taking lessons, I also remembered the deepest of the ocean, where there are "bizarre" creatures, for a moment, my universe turned into the sea and I saw a fire bird blind but with many eyes in its feathers. Everything was just one thing, as things are and we insisted on separating.

Technical Data Sheet - Fungi

Hifa Cybe (General Direction, Artistic Concept, Art Direction, Production, Script and Performance)

Alexia Pires (Art Direction and Set Assistant), Toshi San (Rigger/Shibari), Guilherme Todorov (3D Artist), Vj Spetto (Videomapping Director), Juliana Lelis (Videomapping Assistant 1), Monica Rosa (Videomapping Assistant 2), Rafael Avancini (Photography Direction), Kurt Rocha (Photography Assistant) , Giovanna Quarterone (Motion Designer), Elisa Monteiro (Main Soundtrack - Mudo Mundo), Celio Barros (Sound Design - Present Moment)