Transdisciplinary Artist, Scientist & Researcher

The lights thats describe me, reveals you

The lights thats describe me,

reveals you

The lights thats

describe me,

reveals you

Hifa Cybe (Luiza Jesus do Prado) is Brazilian, born in the Guaratingueta city in 1988, she has a degree in Photography and is currently a student of the Biological Sciences and Biomedicine course at UNIP and a scientific initiation student entitled The Phenomenology of Sound, Light and Memory. – A review of the impact and their use as neuro-stimuli in dysfunctions and disorders that suggest dissociation of memory caused by traumatic events.

He begins his scientific research talking about the consolidation or recovery of memory through photographic reprocessing, the decompilation of the image and the sound generated by it. Her artistic work merges with her scientific research, becoming a laboratory in which art makes it possible to materialize and illustrate scientific concepts, also suggesting a democratization of resources used in psychological treatments and the discussion around this subject and science. Her research is about neurophysiological responses to sensory stimuli, mainly sound and image, emphasizing their construction and physicochemical reaction in the human brain.

These resources, in this case, are applied to mental illnesses and disorders, especially those that suggest memory loss. The multifactorial nature of these disorders includes environmental issues, trauma and sexuality that are also auxiliary in these studies that bring an anthropological aspect of pain and violence and also the signs that persist the vulgar concepts of madness throughout the period of human evolution.

These studies range from photographic reprocessing, communication decoding and image decompilation, visual effects induced by chemicals such as psilocybin and reproduced in art, to performance used as the main focus of trauma desensitization. The development of her research is transdisciplinary, and proposes a complement to her academic research of the same nature. This environment serves as a laboratory for concepts studied in the area of Semiotics, Neuroscience and Psychobiology, having as sub-areas Biochemistry, Physics, Genetics, Pharmacology and Data Science. Currently Hifa works with communication and technology coordinating a creative team at Madre Produtora and also with family and sustainable cultivation in the city of São Luiz do Paraitinga.